How to play:

Use WASD/arrow keys to move
Press Space to dash

Be the most annoying type of yourself! Cause trouble, interrupt intellectual discussions about opera and show the security that their last sport session was a bit too long ago!

This game was part of the MiniBeansJam 8. Everything was done in 48h. The theme was "Du solltest nicht hier sein"/"You shouldn't be here".

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Music by


Version Notes:

The playable webGL build is the After-Jam build (1.1.0). 
The jam build is downloadable as a windows build (1.0.0)


TheaterKid 1.0.0 WIN (Jam Version) 37 MB
TheaterKid 1.1.0 WIN 37 MB


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Style cool, Music cool, but what am I supposed to do?

Thanks for the feedback!

It's a highscore based action game where the player is supposed to create as much chaos as possible to score points. For example go in front of the cameras, trash the place and stay in the spotlight!

Hope this helps a bit. We'll try to improve the game in the post jam update!